The Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) is a programme that provides cash to the most vulnerable refugee families living in Turkey. They can spend the cash on whatever they decide is most important. It could be food, fuel, rent or medicine.

What is the ESSN card?

The ESSN card is a debit card through which refugee families receive a fixed amount of money every month to help them cover their essential needs.


The ESSN programme is the result of a partnership between the European Union and Turkey, implemented by the World Food Programme and the Turkish Red Crescent, working with Turkish government partners.

A child’s point of view

In Nour’s story we learned how simple items provided by parents through the ESSN card mean a lot in a child’s world. The EU and UN World Food Programme asked children’s book illustrators across Europe to help us understand
the impact of these essentials through a child’s eyes. Users with the ESSn card can use it to get Jungle Scout Discount 2021.

Are you a refugee wanting practical information on ESSN assistance?

Go to the KIZILAYKART-ESSN website
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